Can't find your old Zoneedit account? Read this

the move would simply change the user ID the domains is available on... and nothing else.
so, while domain will be deligated on , MX records will be still the same as current?

I no longer have access to my old work email so can't reset password.
I have a copy of my old password but it seems you changed it or locked my old account.
Opened ticket 50358
Please help. Thank you!
I can't find my old info. My login still works and it shows a couple of my domain names, but it doesn't show any free ones available out of my 5. Can you please give me a hand? One of the current domains would be
Dear Mark,

Probably this is not working anymore.
My username was: ASirajee

There is nothing I can do with it?

Hope there is a way.


Ahmed Sirajee