Can't find the free option


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I'm a legacy user, I followed the directions from the freedns but I don't have the circled option.
Appreciate any help with this.


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You're welcome.
Hello, I am an legacy user as well. Currently there are two domains in my account but I cannot seem to get remaining 3 free domains.
There isn't any option to add a new domain. I opened my account with zoneedit back in 2005.
Can you please enable remaining three free domains to my account? Thank you very much!

Chris Cherry

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If you have any free DNS slots available, it will show on the "Add a Domain" page, near the top right. Click the link there to start the process of signing up a free DNS service.

Edit: (I saw you were able to figure this out, but I thought it would be good to answer for others that might have the same question).


Marcelo Cardoso

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Hi folks. I have the same issue as I am an old user (since 2003) but can't seem to get remaining free domains...
Appreciate some help (ZoneEdit user name: mcardoso.faro).
Thank you!

Chris Cherry

Mr. Happy To Help You.
Hello Marcelo,

We go by the account creation date, and your account creation date is 27-Nov-2018 - which is why it only has one free slot.

Only legacy accounts created before 2014 which were ported over from the old Zoneedit system (before we took over) would have the higher limit. I'll bump you up to 3 for completing the "survey".