Cannot post to forum


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The forum software keeps telling me to reformat a message so it doesn't look “spam-like”. But, it doesn't tell me what's wrong with what I wrote! It just says to contact the administrator. Zoneedit forum admins, can you please post the message that's in my drafts folder? Also, can you please turn off the anti-spam heuristics. They are broken and cause needless headaches unless they give the user specific feedback on what to do to prove they are a human.

Chris Cherry

Mr. Happy To Help You.
Hello Ben,

Unfortunately, we cannot see your drafts or post from your account.

If your post contains URL's or external links, it could be blocked. Try changing the http:// to hXXp:// - it could be something such as that. Additionally, if there is an email address in the post, please do something such as (access @

To avoid a forum full of spam posts, we require the anti-spam service to be enabled. We apologise for this inconvenience.