BEWARE of "Zoneedit Dynamic Update Client Download" scams

Mark Jeftovic (#fb)

Staff member
This came across my Google alerts for Zoneedit, some postings in various message boards out there for :

"Click Here For Zoneedit Dynamic Update Client Download

- File: zoneedit dynamic update client.exe
- Downloads: 667
- Rating:

(I don't want to link to the actual sites).

My suspicion is that there are real files behind these links, they are possibly infected with viruses or trojans. I have tried to download them but keep ending up at a paywall on which the signup link then takes me to some other download site which is a paid system.

It all looks very dodgy. The number of downloads in one day, combined with the (very fake looking) reviews exceeds the number of new domains we add to Zoneedit in a day for real, thus leading me to believe it's all fake.

I would be very hesitant to download from here.

For supported dynamic DNS clients see:
Maybe we should create a forum here specifically for various dynamic DNS clients?