Automating changes of TXT records in DNS

Alberto Pace

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Good morning,

I am using to obtain server certificates and I require DNS server validation by adding a specific TXT record to my domain. This TXT record changes every 2 - 3 months.

I know I can do manually using the web interface of zonedit but I am looking for a way to automate the change of this TXT record (python script ? a dns API ?).

Is there any document that explain how to do that in zoneedit ?

Many thanks, Alberto Pace.

PS My exact requirement is explained here: in chapter "8. Use DNS mode" and the following chapter "9. Automatic DNS API integration".

sandy neal

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sorry at present zoneedit does not offer an API but we do hope to address this in the not so distant future,



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I have the same issue, I would really like to use Let's Encrypt Certificates with DNS-based creation/renewal (dns-01). For this a script will need to add a TXT record to a temporary subdomain.

The issue is that Let's Encrypt will be offering Wildcard Certificates from January 2018 on, but these will only support the dns-01 method.

I don't know how flexible you are, but maybe adding Let's Encrypt support directly into the product would be impressive. It might even be easier to do this instead of creating a complete API.

I've been cleaning up my zoneedit account because I wanted to move a couple of domains over here from Namecheap, at least have the NS records point to zoneedit in the beginning and manage the domains here, but without an API/Let's Encrypt-Support I won't do this. I wanted to, because Namecheap's API is pretty bad (you have to update an entire zone instead of just records, which is a bit scary).

I've been using zoneedit for ages, thank you so much for the service and for respecting the legacy users.

Kind regards,


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If you're asking because of Let's Encrypt certificates, take a look at this thread https:// community. letsencrypt. org/t/wildcard-via-manual-dns-editing/53647

You basically run your own DNS server only for the _acme-challenge subdomain (you need to do this for every subdomain you have, until Let's Encrypt offers wildcard certificates). That way you can add TXT records only for the _acme-challenge subdomain, which is the one which requires the TXT record for validation.

So for the _acme-challenge subdomain you add a NS record on zoneedit which points to your DNS server


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@qwerto, what you said doesn't make sense to me. I know how to do it via other dns servers. I was referring to @sandy neal post where ZE hope to address it in the future and asking for its latest development. It's ok if ZE haven't or will not implement this.

Alberto Pace

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Any news on this point ? I guess that Zoneedit would like to support Letsencrypt wildcards certificates and I am surprised this feature is not considered as a high priority ...



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Joining the group that really would like to se this feature being implemented.
Is this something you are actively working on?
Can you give a date when it will be ready?