Authentication failed on Synology


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Currently I try to configure Zoneedit on my Synology (Because my ISP only gives dynamic IPs).
I only receive the error : Authentication failed.
I don't understand why.
My own domain is
I want to configure : to resolve my public IP.
Currently, on my zoneedit board, I put a "false" IP on, because I want to see if it will sync with my real public IP.

Thanks to help me.


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I am having the exact same problem. I've updatedd to the latest DSM, using my dyn auth token and zoneedit username, but get "verification failed" (or "authentication failed?" I see it in swedish, so it is hard to say) every time.

As hostname, i am not sure if I should type the full name of the hostname or just the host, I've tried both but they've failed. Followed the instructions in the linked video above. Where to go from here?


New Member Ideally I want the root domain to be associated with the dynamic ip, not just a host.

sandy neal

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Please change the DYN host to be @ and set the TTL no less then 600 seconds and let me know how that works.
you will have to delete the current A host record for @ if you want it updated dynamically



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Thanks. Also changed the "hostname" field in the synology conf to, not sure what else to put there as it didn't accept an "@".