Address change not honored

I recently changed the registered email address for my account (jetkins), but I'm still receiving system notification emails at the old address. How long should I wxpect to have to wait before the system starts using my new address?

sandy neal

Staff member
hi there

is this still happening? I see the address in the account and what is set for activity notifications are the same

Yes. To check, I logged out and back in, and the login notification email was sent to the old address (jon-zoneedit) instead of the new (jon+zoneeedit).

ahh... one address is jon+ and the other is jon- if that helps.

Yes, and it's still using the old one, jon-. To be clear, I'm talking about notifications from Zoneedit itself, not this forum. My old email server used to allow address aliases using a tag separated by a "-" character, while my new one uses the more standard "+" separator. I have updated my Zoneedit account details to reflect the new address, yet the system continues to send notifications to the old address.

sandy neal

Staff member
on the left side bar click the security option ... then click to edit the
Activity Notifications

sorry if I am missing something

As you say, ahh. :) It was me that was missing something - I had no idea that the notifications address was set separately. It's obviously been too long since I first created my account. All sorted now - thanks!