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    How to configure SRV on DNS to direct to port 1234 and to port 5678

    This is a question regarding configuring SRV in DNS to add a port number to the incoming connection, and then have the UniFi Gateway route that specific port to a specific LAN address: -> 206.x.x.x:1234 -> 206.x.x.x:5678 Then UniFi Gateway to direct the...
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    Issue redirecting subdomain - not propogating

    I am trying to direct our subdomain to a name server. I entered the info last week but it is not propogating. If I check it is only shown as propogated to OpenDNS. Not sure what other information I should add here for clarification? DNS is not my specialty (for sure). Thanks.
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    Sub-domain with delegated nameservers/discrete zone file

    I've potentially got myself in a bit of a pickle. Long story short, I need to setup new DNS for a charity/NFP where they have a specific sub-domain that has to be delegated to different, third-party nameservers (the third party manages their CRM and has a discrete MX for the sub-domain etc...