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    How to configure SRV on DNS to direct abc.domain.com to port 1234 and def.domain.com to port 5678

    This is a question regarding configuring SRV in DNS to add a port number to the incoming connection, and then have the UniFi Gateway route that specific port to a specific LAN address: abc.domain.com -> 206.x.x.x:1234 def.domain.com -> 206.x.x.x:5678 Then UniFi Gateway to direct the...
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    Config PTR record

    Could you support me by indicating how I can configure PTR to a domain?
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    set up dynamic DNS for my own domain

    Hi, I've added for my own domain the dynamic record: HOST TTL CURRENT IP ADDRESS xxx.xxx 300 sec xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx and set up the js client, the status is "on" but I get no response e it doesn't work I guess I have to set up my domain provider dns to point to zoneedit nameservers...