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    how to transfer in the DNS record

    Hi, Just added a domain to zoneedits DNS. Nameservers are changed, but the rest of the DNS record is not updated. Must this be updated manually with the DNSW settings editor, or can this be imported bulk? It is 20 items long with a lot of ip addresses etc
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    How to configure SRV on DNS to direct abc.domain.com to port 1234 and def.domain.com to port 5678

    This is a question regarding configuring SRV in DNS to add a port number to the incoming connection, and then have the UniFi Gateway route that specific port to a specific LAN address: abc.domain.com -> 206.x.x.x:1234 def.domain.com -> 206.x.x.x:5678 Then UniFi Gateway to direct the...
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    Config PTR record

    Could you support me by indicating how I can configure PTR to a domain?
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    set up dynamic DNS for my own domain

    Hi, I've added for my own domain the dynamic record: HOST TTL CURRENT IP ADDRESS xxx.xxx 300 sec xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx and set up the js client, the status is "on" but I get no response e it doesn't work I guess I have to set up my domain provider dns to point to zoneedit nameservers...