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I have had a zoneedit account for a very long time and my account was brought over from the old system. I changed the email address on my account on Nov 28 and have noticed the my account notifications are still being delivered to the old email address. There is no reference to my old email address anywhere in my account information.

I am currently able to receive these email because there is a forwarder in place on the old account. The old account will be deactivated in the next week or so. I need the account email coming to my new address in case I need to use password recovery.

Please advise how I can get my account email updated to the new address.

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Hi. The login notifications email address is set up via the ACTIVITY NOTIFICATIONS page. Go to your USER MENU, click on SECURITY and then click the EDIT link in the ACTIVITY NOTIFICATIONS section. Update the email address and click NEXT to proceed.