Updated CNAME and TXT records but not populating


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I have updated CNAME and TXT records from this morning, and it has been 8 hours and they are still not seen or working. Is there something wrong with my DNS?



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Hello Donald.

It looks like you have two TXT records which are causing your domain to not load.

Thse TXT's are "marketing._domainkey" & "smtpapi._domainkey".

You can have a look at the error message in the Tools > Zone File Management > check

I believe this may be caused by the line being escaped by the ; just after "k=rsa". The nameserver is interpreting that as the end of the line, and is not seeing the rest of the values t=y....

Brad C.

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Hi Donald, there are 2 records that are causing your zone not to load. The records are of type 'KEY', but I think they are meant to be TXT records. I recommend going to the 'Other' records page and deleting those 2 records. Manage your domain and then from the 'DNS Settings' tab, go to 'Advanced DNS Records' -> 'Other'. You can then add these as TXT records if you need to.