Resetting your login after taking down email server

There does not appear to be a way to reset your email address to reset your login which I get as I am a 35 year vet on programming and the only thing I did was take down my email server and switch from Google Fiber (yuk) to AT & T fiber. I need help to do this because without bringing that server back up by changing the public IP address I have no way to even prove to places like Paypal who I am. I also changed my phone number and many other things because my dumba$$ got hacked by a clever hacker through a company that will not be named. It was a somewhat expensive mistake but I figured out how it was done and went from anger to laughter ;-) but I also locked everything down tighter than a brick $hithouse.

Someone please assist me in getting this taken care of before I have any more issues. I am fairly sure the remainder of my accounts on the old email address have security measures in place but I should be able to contact someone anytime without begging for help. I will give you my old domain and email over a private line and anything else you need to prove who I am. I have been doing this for weeks now already so whats a few more...


Staff member
Hello. Can you provide information to help us locate the account in question?