No additional Free Slots after Survey


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Hi All,

I can't see any additional Free Slots after I filled out the survey?

Do I miss something?
Can someone help me?

My User ID is: xxxxxxxx

Thank you
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Hello. Thanks for taking the time to complete our survey. The additional free slots have been enabled on your ZoneEdit account.


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Hi, my account is having the same trouble - I took the survey, but the free slots have not been credited. Please assist!


Chris Cherry

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No problem. I've sent you a DM for your info. We'll hook you up.

Chris Cherry

Mr. Happy To Help You.
The legacy 5 slots are reserved for accounts which existed (and were migrated) from the old Zoneedit system and into the new Zoneedit service under the easyDNS umbrella (pre-2014). Your account was created in 2017, so it does not receive the 5. However, we can supply you with 3 free slots via the survey completion.
Hi Chris,

Our initial account is quite older than that, I created a new account and trying to merge all domains under a single account.'

You can refer to ticket #36905 for details.

We closed all old accounts and merged pristineprinting and sultantravel under a single account. Now I am trying to add our other domains and created tickets for that, they will resolve it I believe soon as I added into DNS for new domains.