Issue with Web Forwarding


I'm having an issue with Web Forwarding.

I've updated the destination url for some web forwards, but every time I try to access the hostnames for which I've updated the web forwarding I'm still redirected to an old destination url.

I've tried deleting the web forwards and recreating them and changing the destination to url to something else including destination urls starting with http instead of https but no success.

The TTL is set to 5 minutes, but It's been hours since I made the changes.

I had also cleared the browser cache with no result.

I then decided to do some diagnostics by looking at the http responses from the ZoneEdit server and I noted that the server itself was returning incorrect redirect urls.

It's as if ZoneEdit's server is returning cached values rather than current values.


PS: I've also updated the domains name server records to use LOCAL rather than the old settign from when the domain was first setup with ZoneEdit and redelegated the domain with my domain provider to the updated name servers but that hasn't made any difference.

I also removed the TTL values from the individual records so they would use the domain defaults and that also made no difference.

PPS: I also toggled the 301 field, but it still responds with a 302 response and the old url.
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sandy neal

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the error is with ... mx records I believe.. are these the proper MX records? and' ??? they are throwing an error for no A or AAAA records.

I hadn't changed those records since moving to gSuite years ago, but it appears Google has changed their configuration and those records have been replaced with and

I've updated the DNS configuration accordingly.

I wasn't getting an error when I updated the records, but would this prevent the web forwarding records from being updated?

sandy neal

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Yes if the zone file does not load properly due to a BIND error it can affect all zone file records.

I see it resolving now as well :)

take care