I can not add SMTP accounts in Gmail

Paulo Brandao

New Member
Hello guys! I'm having trouble adding new accounts in the Gmail Web Interface.

I fill in the fields:

SMTP Server: mailout.zoneedit.com
Port: 587
User name: me@myhost.com.br (example)
Password: ******** (created in the Outbound mail addon)
Secure connection using TSL

However, the return message is: "535 5.7.8 Error: authentication failed: code (535)"
I have tested other ports, and the message is always the same.

Can anyone help?

Ps: sorry for my poor english, I'm using google translator


sandy neal

Staff member
hi there

Can you please login to your zoneedit account and click the Get Support link on the left side bar.. from there please send in a ticket and include the domain name of concern


Emilio D.Miler

New Member
Hi Sandy,

I have the same problem re:mail forwarding to my gmail account from emiliodmiler.com.ar
I'm trying to add a new email address but gmail is asking for server, username and password info I'm not sure I have.
Help pages/videos haven't been helpful, and apparently I have no access to support tickets as a free user.
Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to provide.


Emilio D.Miler

New Member
Thank you Sandy, I finally figured out how I'd configured other e-mail aliases, and -of course- your were right, it had nothing to do with ZoneEdit's smtp servers.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.