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    How to configure SRV on DNS to direct abc.domain.com to port 1234 and def.domain.com to port 5678

    This is a question regarding configuring SRV in DNS to add a port number to the incoming connection, and then have the UniFi Gateway route that specific port to a specific LAN address: abc.domain.com -> 206.x.x.x:1234 def.domain.com -> 206.x.x.x:5678 Then UniFi Gateway to direct the...
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    Subdomain with zoneedit

    Good day, I do have a domain (wo-lar.com), dynamic IP and like to create a sub-domain. Would you please point me toa HowTo or shotly explin how this is done. This link does not work anymore. https://support.zoneedit.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/5/4/managing-your-dns-settings Thank you, Wolfgang
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    DDNS - use a Zoneedit subdomain?

    It's quite a few years since I've used Dynamic DNS. As far as I remember, the provider (?) I used in those days provide a choice of top-level domains, and users were invited to choose an (unused) subdomain to associate with their router's IP. (I've come to ZoneEdit because my router supports...