Stealth forwarding stopped working 3 days ago.

Discussion in 'Using ZoneEdit' started by Mirolab1, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. Mirolab1

    Mirolab1 New Member

    I've not received any emails for 3 days now!
    My 3 mailmaps are set correctly.
    This also happened about a year ago, and someone said my account had been reset.
    Maybe this has happened again?


    Thanks....... Miro.
  2. sandy neal

    sandy neal Administrator Staff Member

    hi there the URL you are forwarding to is not functioning:

    for mail AOL and Verizon are blocking our servers.. we have tried several times to contact them but they have not yet responded and each time we release a shunt server they block it almost immediately.. Se hope for a solution soon but in the mean time.. if you have a temporary address like a gmail address to ue that might be helpful for immediate email forwarding.

  3. Mirolab1

    Mirolab1 New Member

    Thank you so much.... Yes I tested by redirecting to Gmail earlier today and it worked ....
    I really hate that i was forced onto AOL by Verizon...... Thanks Again..... Miro.

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