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  1. westofsa

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    I am trying to create an SRV record for SIP to point traffic to an alternate port.

    Would it be possible to provide an example of the correct format.

    Mine currently looks like this. I have tried using the target as a which did not make any difference, and using the Help button.

    The traffic is intended to be TLS but from what I have read for SRV records at the moment it only supports TCP and UDP.
    When I do a NSLookup (used a number of tools) they all report that there are no SRV records defined..


    Any guidance will be appreciated.

  2. sandy neal

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    :) messaged internally.
  3. Jan

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    I have the same issue as above. Could you please share a sample usage of the SRV record?

    mxtoolbox does not show any SRV records published

    I am trying to set up a subdomain the following way:


    should resolve to my server:

    Please see the attached screenshot for my current config.

    Any help will be appreciated!


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  4. sandy neal

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    to look up SRV records at a dns checking site you need to look up the full record.. so it would be a SRV lookup for

  5. Jan

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  6. sandy neal

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    happy to help.


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