Can I transfer a domain to Zoneedit?

Discussion in 'Off Topic and Of Interest' started by Timbertoe, Nov 18, 2017.

  1. Timbertoe

    Timbertoe New Member

    I have had a domain registered for 10 or more years, but have never needed or had a Website. I have only and still only need it for some email. We have the entries here on Zoneedit to get the mail forwarded to a personal gmail account. The domain name is one that I doubt anyone else would ever want, so I hesitate to pay money to the entity through whom we registered it in the past. They are sending me notices that it is time to renew. Do I need to transfer it to Zoneedit or do I simply just quit paying for it?
  2. El.

    El. Administrator Staff Member

    Hello. To keep the domain name working - and the email you have associated with it - you do need to renew registration. You can do so by transferring registration to ZoneEdit if you don't wish to renew through the current registrar. Click the SWITCH REGISTRAR link on your ZoneEdit account page to start the process.

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